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    1. Identifying our Bias - Implicit Association Test (IAT)

    2. Implicit Association Test (IAT) - Recording Our Outcomes

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Be a Better Ally

The Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements have forced people in positions of power — and leaders, both men and women, must personally step up to make organizations more fair and inclusive. As a leader we need to play a truly active role in helping marginalized colleagues advance (instead of just delegating diversity efforts to human resources). So how can all current leaders be effective allies to their diverse employees? 

First, by taking responsibility for their own behaviors, educating themselves about racism and privilege, and getting and accepting feedback from people in underrepresented groups. Become confidants to and sponsors of women and people of color and insist on diverse hiring pools and practices. Vigilantly watch out for bias at work, intervening decisively if they discover it. 

Work to build a community of other allies against racism and sexism. In this course you will learn about your implicit bias and learn actions you can actively take to be a RizeNext Leader and be one that can lead and empower a diverse workforce.